'MS Einblick'

The blog 'Einblick.ms-persönlich' is a unique portal, specifically designed for multiple sclerosis patients and their friends, relatives, colleagues or other interested parties. The site was developed and designed with the direct input of bloggers suffering from multiple sclerosis, as well as Sabine Marina (known for her role in the german movie 'Kleine Graue Wolke'). Views and opinions are displayed in a unique and original way, offering a wide range of perspectives. Bloggers, relatives and guest authors devote themselves to a selected topic every month and explore this topic through the use of texts, videos and picture galleries.

As a digital agency we are responsible for:

·    Cross-domain development using Drupal as the base CMS 

·    Development of the website and ongoing technical support

·    Editorial maintenance

·    Extensive search engine optimisation (SEO)

·    Target group-oriented social media marketing (SMM)


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