Non-interventional studies

As a pharmaceutical company or developer of medical devices your primary interest after drug approval is to ensure success on the market. This is where patient studies can play a pivotal role. Particularly, non-interventional studies with so called “patient-reported outcomes” (PRO) can offer invaluable insights that greatly benefit your product.  

Your patients’ individual evaluations, particularly in terms of quality of life, are key to product success and can be gathered from PRO Studies. Having access to this data enables you to promote treatment success, continuously drive adherence and facilitate a successful doctor-patient relationship.

Together with our partners, we offer custom-made solutions for conducting PRO studies. While patients can answer questions and track observations with their mobile application, you as a pharmaceutical company can analyse the results quickly and easily.

Combined with our offer of supplying all relevant PRO software materials, we can also provide options for additional links, extensions and customised functions to the study tool, all depending on your individual needs. Likewise, we can also offer hosting of your system databases, digital support and the pharmacovigilance monitoring of your digital channels.

Our highly trained partners and employees have the necessary scientific and technical knowledge to conduct creative and premium PRO studies. 


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