Technical Support

You are receiving technical inquiries about your digital interfaces with clients or patients, and plan to outsource the support?

We offer economical solutions for exemplary first-level support by trained professionals.

Our interdisciplinary team can effectively respond to any type of enquiry and assist with questions or issues.

We offer many years of support experience in the following areas:

  • Mobile medical apps
  • Digitale patient support
  • Digitally supported studies (AWB, NIS, CRF, PRO)
  • Content management software
  • Social media for pharma
  • Online games
  • Information software für patients & specialists

Additionally, we can facilitate the pre-selection of inquiries and only pass on medical- or pharmacovigilant-relevant comments to a selected email address. Regardless of whether you would like to monitor and screen PV or PTC messages, we can promptly forward all relevant messages to your PV department in alignment with your duty of documentation. 

Hence, not only do we provide technical support, but we can also assist your pharmacovigilance practices in conformance with audit and legal requirements.


Contact us:

+49 (0)30 - 746 895 00

+49 (0)30 - 746 895 09